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Vibrator Daily Maintenance Instruction

Time:2018 / 01 / 11    Source:本站

1. Acid or alkaline material will damage the machine and is dangerous. Do use the neutral compound.

2. Do not allow the water go into the control box. The machine should be sited away from water supply.

3. Do not damage the PU tank with sharp piece. The inverter and gap only can be adjusted by qualified personnel.

4. To check whether the power supply meet the requirement before starting the machine (ground terminals must be bonded), and whether the machine was placed on a stable and leveled surface (the four feet are adjustable), then run the machine without any workpiece and media to check whether the machine works in order before starting operation. Check if there is any mistake during the operation regularly, if yes, stops the machine immediately to check.

5. Clean the water in the deposit tank regularly to keep the cleanness of water. Put some new compound into the deposit tank after changing with clean water. After using, the polishing media should be put out and make sure the barrel and the machine are in clean condition.

6.  If the machine not in use for a long time, take the pump out and clean it, the deposit tank and the polishing also should be cleaned, Switch off and unplug the machine.

7. Do not unload the cover when the machine works, unload the cover when stop the machine.

8. When the locked screws were removed, you need to lift the square seat when you are removing or unloading the machine; and any time do not lift the plastic barrel, for fear that the power get out off the machine and are dangerous!

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