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  • The attention to use polishing machine

    In knowing about some of the grinding and polishing machine instructions, we have for this kind of equipment in some matters need to pay attention to when using, so as to better finish the work, the following simple let's learn about some matters needing attention in its use.

    1. Avoid the power lines being crushed, pulled and worn.

    Grinding and polishing machine mainly by the power at work, if the power cord appeared some problems, then can create machines will not operate properly, serious when still can cause personnel casualties, so at work must pay attention to the protection of the power cord.

    2. Check whether there is any sundries between the cracks in the grinding drum.

    The aim is to prevent fracture belt, because produce sundry, will increase the motor running resistance, make motor increases, eventually lead to fracture belt, can also lead to the most serious motor burn down.

    These are the problems that should be paid attention to when the polishing machine is in use, and pay attention to every small problem in the operation process.

  • Application range of polishing machine

    1. KIAYI VA9, VA18, VA36 series gyrate polishing machine are widely used for burring, chamfering and finishing of the jewelry, glass, watch, clock, electronic components, knitting needle and precision hardware. It replaces the low efficiency traditional hand process, achieve batch and automatic, production.

    2. The ZD15 vibration polishing machine is the new machine which made many improvements on the basis of the old series. It has advantages such as high efficiency for the vibration working, gentle processing and amplitude uniform. The machine applied in deburring, removing surface, polishing of jewellery, watches, glasses, electronic components and so on.

    3. Centrifugal  polishing machine applied in deburring, chamfering, polishing of jewellery, watch, glasses, electronic components and various small fittings.

    4. Dry barrel polishing machine applied in smoothing and mirror polishing jewellery, watch, plastic and electronic components.

    5. Hanging barrel polishing machine is widely used in gold and silver jewelry, accessories, watch and glasses electronic parts, textile round needle and other thin precision metal parts deburring, chamfering and polishing. Instead of manual or wheel grinding and other traditional low efficiency of the mode of operation, implementation of batch, automation of production processes.