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Gyrate Series Daily Maintenance Instruction

Time:2018 / 01 / 11    Source:本站

1. Clean machine regularly.

2. Strong acid or alkaline material will damage machine badly and are not safe. Do use neutral compound.

3. Always check the gap with plug gauge before starting the machine, if the gap is too large, adjust it immediately. Do not add any media smaller than the gap. Do not operate when gap is too large.

4. Make sure the recirculated water system work properly before starting wet grinding process, otherwise it will damage the machine. Change circular water regularly. It is helpful for getting a good result to keep good cleanliness of water.

5. Operator must use machine properly (read and fully understand the machine manual). Only professional can disassemble machine and adjust the value of frequency inverter!

6. If the machine is unused for a long time, take out and clean water pump to prevent it from rusting and plugging. The water tank and used media should be cleaned also. Unplug the power supply.

We suggest clean the seal ring every four weeks. Method: screw off six lock screws under the flange of barrel seat, check the seals ring if still works, fix it well after cleaning. If the seals ring is not working, then need to change a new one.

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